Andrew is a 26 year old professional golfer from Essex, England. After reaching many goals as an amateur, Andrew turned Pro in April 2012.

Andrew has played many events on various tours in several countries, including the Europro and Jamega tours in throughout the United Kingdom, The Alps Tour in Europe, and the Moonlight and West Florida Pro tours in the United States as well as Qualifying schools for the European and Europro tours.

Andrew currently plays his golf in the USA. Mainly playing events in Florida.

In an effort to take his game to the next level Andrew is working with his good friend and Bishops Gate Academy Coach John Montgomery III to sharpen every aspect of his game.

He previously worked with Steve Cardy, Paul Barham and Gary Pike back in England.

Andrew started work with John in January 2016. Andrew made huge steps forward in the technical aspects of his game working with Gary however not having a coach to spend time with, he felt, to keep his game moving forward he needed to have a coach that he could see regularly.